Robert Poe Submits Resignation from Sawtooth

October 03, 2018

From Sawtooth Camp site team chair, Ann Hawkins, who is making an important announcement:

This is not the kind of news I like to share but I share it with compassion.  Robert Poe has submitted his resignation as Sawtooth Camp Director. I know this decision was not an easy decision for Robert and Juliana. We all know that it takes a great deal of effort and many skills to make Sawtooth Camp the special experience that it is for our campers. Robert, we appreciate your contribution this past camp season.

Please keep Robert, Sawtooth Camp, and everyone involved in the selection process in your prayers as we move forward with the process of selecting a camp director. As of today, Robert's last day in the role as site director has not been specified. Todd and Robert will be reviewing the remaining duties for closing out the camp year and choosing a final date. The final hiring decision for this position is the Executive Director Todd Bartlett's decision but the Sawtooth site team will work with Todd to fill the position.

Ann Hawkins, Sawtooth Camp Site Committee Chair

Note: A job posting for the position of Sawtooth Camp Director will be made public as soon as Todd Bartlett and the site committee refine the materials for the search.


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