Camp and Retreat E-News: Entering Community

August 21, 2019


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Reflections on values with Camp & Retreat Ministries

Entering Community  

 Value 5: Community

By Larry Haley, Director at Sawtooth Camp

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series of articles about community.

As I re-read the four previous articles, I wonder what is left for me to say. In fact, what do I even use as a title? The first four are all great articles.

Community is an interesting word. It is used in relation to a lot of things in our lives. The town/city you were born in is a community, where you went to school is a community, and today there many new types of community, such as Facebook; touted as the largest (digital) community in the world and an interesting one in that you can have innumerable “friends” that you’ve never seen or talked to. Really?

And there’s church camp – it is certainly a community. As the bus arrives and the children and youth get off, you see the excitement in their faces and actions and noise! But there are a few who are unsure, and much quieter.  It is their first time to camp.

At the end of the week you see them boarding the bus for home. They’re tired, its been a busy week, but there is still energy as they’re living on what camp has given them. Some are sad as they’re leaving friends, some old and some new.

As an individual who is blessed with the opportunity to facilitate the creation of this special community, I can also see these campers from a different perspective. I’m thinking of the picture of Jesus knocking at the door. The door has no handle on Jesus’s side. We must open it for him to come in. If we put in the work, together, our camp community can make ripples; extending all that it offers into the larger, faith community.

I believe camp can be an experience to help others open the door to Jesus Christ. Now there is the real, community in the world, and in fact the universe!  

Come on in.

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