Camp Magruder Light the Way Campaign

~ make your light shine, so others will see the good you do and give praise~

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Borgny Corbett was a city council member,
a mayor, a police commissioner, a state
senator’s aide. As a teenager she swam
across the Columbia River. To everyone she
was warm, funny, and accepting--a gift of
grace. She was a major influence at Camp
Magruder for many years, shining a light
and connecting many to camp work.

 I bet you know a Borgny. Someone
interesting and fun to be around. Someone
who inspired you to be your special, unique
self. Someone who shined light on your path.

Help continue to light the way for Camp
Magruder guests in 2019 by raising $50,000
that will go for path lighting, directional
signs, historical plaques, and improvements
to the Borgny Corbett Patio. We are excited
to tell your story too.

Concept drawing of Corbett Patio improvements

If you have a question about this project, please contact Troy Taylor, Camp Magruder Director. (503) 355-2310 or

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